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Image by Jason ZZ


Joel Commemmorative Cleats

In Memory of Joel-LLJ, this was a special custom cleat and it was very hard to put together a design that captured our vision. With a freehanded galaxy background, we added 12/12/22 and his number 47 in a letterman-style font. We topped off the design with images of Joel and airbrushed sunrays to really detail the background behind Joels images.


Karol G AF1 Customs

With barely any customs to look at, our design was truly 1 of 1 and possibly the best out there! Our customer wanted a Karol G design and we topped it off with graffiti-style art on the toe caps and side windows With small red accents and glitter toe caps, these eye-catching AF1s were a perfect gift for a young fan!

20221221_112828 (1).jpg

Louis V Pink Bandana AF1s

Another birthday present and this birthday girl had a very specific design in mind. With hours of work on the bandana details, this custom featured unique pink and matching laces. We topped the design off with a subtle Nike and LV on the toe caps.


TMNT Fathers Day Cheese Drip 

Prepare to embark on a nostalgic journey with our extraordinary 1 of 1 TMNT Sneaker Custom. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this exclusive masterpiece brings together your favorite childhood heroes and the world of sneaker culture in an unforgettable fusion of style and fandom.


Queen City LV Custom Cleat

Behold the epitome of luxury and style, the Queen City Custom Cleat inspired by the iconic Louis Vuitton brand! This exceptional piece of wearable art blends the world of sports and high fashion in an extraordinary way, redefining elegance on the field. The interlocking LV monogram creates an eye-catching symphony of luxury, elegantly complementing the shoe's dark backdrop.


Handpainted Scooby Doo Gang Design

This was a fun project that I designed to truly capture the shoe and give the customer a dope 1 of 1. With hours of hand painting poured into the gang, we also included solar-changing mystery flowers! As you walk outside the flowers all turn different colors including green and purple. To finalize the design, you have the silhouette of the scooby gang being chased by monsters toward a haunted house.


Tupac Jordan 1 Customs

We were asked to put a Tupac custom over a women's mushroom colorway. With some color matching, we were able to put the Jordan colorway together for the client perfectly. With gold-tipped bandana laces and his tattoo design "Laugh Now, Cry Later", we thought this design came out exactly as we envisioned. 


Frozen Princess with Snow Theme

This dad wanted to make sure he knocked out another birthday present and tried to capture the Disney Frozen princess theme correctly. With a unique blue, we added the Frozen Princess and a magical frost around each image. With snowflakes and snow flurries, this slip-on features lots of details and freehanding. 

20230118_005011 (1).jpg

Frieda Themed Splatter Vans 

Introducing our Captivating Vans Custom with a Freida Theme: Embrace Artistic Elegance! This one-of-a-kind masterpiece celebrates the spirit of the renowned artist, Freida Kahlo, and infuses your footwear with a burst of vibrant colors, freehanded butterflies, and delicate flowers. Get ready to express your love for art and fashion in a truly unique and captivating way.


Dan The Laker Fan Custom

Step into the world of basketball legends with the exclusive "Dan The Laker Fan" Custom Jordan 1 Low - a masterpiece that pays homage to the iconic Los Angeles Lakers and the legendary Kobe Bryant. This custom creation seamlessly blends Lakers' team spirit with the indelible legacy of the Black Mamba, making it a must-have for any true Lakers fan. 

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