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Genuine White Leather Premium Laces

Genuine White Leather Premium Laces

$14.99 Regular Price
$11.99Sale Price

These laces are hand crafted from start to finish! Our design garuntees a permanent hold with your aglet and your genuine leather. The aglet features 2 teeth inside the cylinders and with a doubled up leather end, your hold will garuntee to withstand everyday use. We make our laces with sneakerheads in mind and with quality testing that makes sure each and every lace is good to go. Our laces are made of genuine leather that is very soft and made of quality materials. Some aglets will have small signs from our heavy duty crimping process. Each hold is garunteed with a cement glue rated for boat repair and providing the hold a complete waterproof seal. Each and every lace is made unique, shipped out in a white lace bag and a premium Shoe Medic sticker that is different from any other sticker we utilize in our products!

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