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45" Rose Gold Premium Laces

45" Rose Gold Premium Laces


Made of a synthetic fiber material, sturdy, simple and elegant, much better quality than cheap polyester strings you will find in most local stores. The strings are very unique and unlike most laces you find on the market. Our laces can have the sneakerhead look and can be fluffed out to get the look most people want. However, these laces can look more like classic flat laces if you just tug on them a little more and just tie your shoes normally. Use with all kinds of sports shoes, casual shoes, fashion sneakers, canvas shoes, or casual shoes. We dye all of our laces in house and quality checked to make sure each lace is set with no bleeding! All of our laces are made with a very unique process that creates unique colors, and will also be different from any other colors you will find.

These were the only pair I made of the material so they are a 1 of 1. The material is like a rosegold with a sparkle, and copper aglets to top them off. The hold is permenant and is designed to make breaking them practically impossible. These laces will be shipped off with a premium laces SHoe Medic sticker!


Size: 45" Rose Gold
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