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Shoe Cleans & Restorations

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Shoe Laundry Services

Pricing Varies Based On Work Required

Payment can be paid via a website invoice sent by our staff, Cash, PayPal, or Cash App. Services are rendered first, then you pay! Deposits are required on shoe laundry orders above $100, 50% of quoted services

Kids Shoes/Touch Up


Bring Your Kids, Deadstock, or Very Light Worn Kicks

Basic Clean


Nylon, Rubber, Mesh, and Basic Materials like Running Shoes

Premium Clean


All White Shoes, Suede, Reptile or Exotic Skin, Cotton, and Shoes Premium Materials

Boots & Deep Clean 


For all Boot cleans, we use deep conditioning and cleaning process. Any shoes needing complete revival and deep clean

Midsole Restorations


For Jordans, Nikes, or any other brand, this service guaranteed color matching and factory restoration.

Sole De-Icing 


For Jordans, Nikes, or any other brand with ice on the soles. We use the process of deoxidation to bring your kicks back to an icy look


Included In All Cleans

We utilize a two step method that sanitizes and freshes up your insole

Repellent Coating


Repells against water and stains, we apply several layers!

Leather Conditioning

Included In All Cleans/
$8 Just Conditioning

We use several lotions and apply our proven process to bring your leeather back to life and bring your colors back

Insole Defuzzing & Clean

Included In All Cleans/
$8 Just Conditioning

We will clean your insoles and get all of those stubborn black fuzzies on the inside of your heel. 

Sole Re-Glue


A very lengthy and tedious process, we use industrial glue and professional knowledge to get the job done.

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